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  • March Preview

    March Preview

    March is loaded with a ton of high quality releases.  The first quarter of 2010 is a cut above any previous year.  Its strange that it has taken this long for game publishers to discover the other eleven months of the year besides November. Already, […]

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  • February in Review

    February in Review

    February was somewhat relaxed in comparison to January, and the coming storm that will be March’s new release schedule.  Unfortunately, I only had time to complete one game in February.  Of course it was the highly popular and critically acclaimed Mass Effect 2.  DLC cannot […]

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  • Bossman vs. Etrian Odyssey – Fight!

    Bossman vs. Etrian Odyssey – Fight!

    Welcome to Bossman vs., a new series on My Pile of Shame.  Each time the pile of shame gets attacked a feature will note the attempt by Bossman to clear out the game.  Etrian Odyssey is a SRPG published in the United States by Atlus […]

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  • Bayonetta is Important Because…

    Bayonetta is Important Because…

    Platinum Games’ Bayonetta is by now a well known stylish action game. Having been widely reviewed, scored, and sacrificed to the all mighty alter of Metacritic, Bayonetta has been well received and labeled a success. Given Bayonetta’s critical and retail success, why is Bayonetta important?

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  • January in Review

    January in Review

    January was a fantastic month for picking up games.  From retro to new releases, January was packed.  I managed to pick up some great retro gems at MagFest including SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash for the Neo Geo Pocket, Psycho Dream for the Super […]

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