March Preview


March is loaded with a ton of high quality releases.  The first quarter of 2010 is a cut above any previous year.  Its strange that it has taken this long for game publishers to discover the other eleven months of the year besides November.

Already, Battlefield Bad Company has been received, and has helped break the 10k barrier for my gamer score.  Now the rest of the month gets interesting.  Sitting on pre-order at Amazon are Just Cause 2, Shin Megami Tensei – Strange Journey, God of War 3, and Final Fantasy 13.

I canceled Resonance of Fate, and will look to pick it up later in the year on the cheap.  It just couldn’t measure up to other titles available this month.  Final Fantasy 13 is also on the chopping block. Final Fantasy games are a huge investment in time, and always come down in price.

One other game to consider for March is Yakuza 3.  Yakuza 3 is a niche game, and will be buried being released on the same day as Final Fantasy.  Sega continues to do its best to make sure its products are not successful.

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