January in Review

January was a fantastic month for picking up games.  From retro to new releases, January was packed.  I managed to pick up some great retro gems at MagFest including SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash for the Neo Geo Pocket, Psycho Dream for the Super Famicom, and Rescue the Embassy Mission for the NES.  I also picked up a copy of Psychonauts from a forum member on NeoGaf.

For the current generation I took advantage of a number of sales and promotions.  I finally picked up House of the Dead Overkill from Amazon, as well as Assassin’s Creed II once Amazon matched Gamestop’s price. 

Newegg dropped the price on a bunch of X-Box 360 games.  Unfortunately I didn’t wait quite long enough to pick up Red Faction Guerilla, buying at $19.99 instead of the lower price of $17.99.  CheapyD from Cheap Ass Gamer picked it as his favorite game of 2009, so I am looking forward to playing it.  I also grabbed Mirror’s Edge for dirt cheap from Newegg.  Rounding out the bargins, Best Buy dropped the price for Raiden IV LE to $19.99 and I am always a sucker for a good Shmup.

On the new release front I cancelled my pre-orders for Bayonetta and Darksiders from Amazon, thinking I would pick them up when they became cheaper, but I ended up picking them up from Toys R Us while they had that crazy free $60 gift card promotion.  Finally, and it will come as no surprise, I got Mass Effect 2 from Amazon with their $10 gift card promotion.

Unfortunately, the only game I was able to complete in January was Bayonetta.  Not that finishing Bayonetta is a bad thing, it was a crazy fantastic ride, but I wish I had knocked a couple of more titles off my backlog.  February is already looking dominated by Mass Effect 2.

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